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Safety comes first!

Enjoy your holiday stress-free and to the full with just a few requirements:


Do you feel sick or show symptoms that indicate COVID19? Then please don't come to us. You can register within Austria using the number: 1450. There the necessary further process will be explained to you.


Important before arrival:

Electronic entry registration
The confirmation of the registration must be carried electronically or in paper form.

Use our new APP for online check-in - contactless directly from home.


To be observed on site:

* Entry to the hotel only with: current negative test (max 48h antigen test, 72h PCR test, self-test under supervision) or vaccinated (vaccination certificate) or recovered (only with medical confirmation)

* Registration requirement: full name, telephone number, email address

* Minimum distance between people from different households 2m

* Wearing an FFP2 mask indoors except at the table
* Wash hands often, for at least 20 seconds, and disinfect regularly

* Avoid shaking hands
* Do not touch the face with your fingers

* Do not sneeze or cough into your hands

* The following applies at the buffet: first disinfect your hands or wear disposable gloves

On-site test:

"Antigen self-test under supervision in the Berghotel Gerlosstein:

Anyone who would like to use the gastronomy and leisure facilities in Tyrol or attend events and have not been vaccinated or recovered can test themselves for COVID19 free of charge as part of antigen self-tests under supervision in the accommodation facility. The result of the antigen self-test is available after just a few minutes. The negative test result will be uploaded by us to the platform www.tiroltestet.at and you will receive a confirmation SMS or email. This is valid for 48 hours as access authorization.

How does the test work?

The test procedure is a simple and self-administered nasal swab. 

Proof of test when the limit is exceeded If you need a negative test result for the return journey to your home country, the antigen self-test under supervision in the Berghotel Gerlosstein is valid as corresponding evidence.


The Corona Information plattform is always up to date.

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