Holiday with allergy

Natural recovery without pharmaceuticals

Go on vacation without worrying about your allergy :


We are certified by the company “Allergie Alpin” which works closely together with the german allergic and asthma foundation (DAAB). The local company “Mykos” confirmed with their certificate that, there is very low pollen count, no house dust-mites and molds spores. All our employees are specially trained in dealing with allergy.


Medical support is ensured at all times.



Is the music

Of the nature

— Monika Minder —

Allergy to pollen and mold spores:

Thanks to our altitude and the excellent air values, you will notice a considerable improvement of your allergic symptoms already after only a few hours.

Many visitors improve their health condition by staying for a longer period.

Together with you and local experts we will find the perfect period for a recovering stay at our hotel.


House dust-mites allergy:

It is scientifically proven that house dust-mites do not survive long in the altitude above 1300m sea level. The strain on house dust-mites is very low. Our beds are equipped with synthetic duvets and pillows. The mattress cover is specially made with anti-allergic material and silver threads.

The hotel rooms have a carpet floor - this keeps the dust on the floor and so that it is not in the air.


Food Allergies:

Our chef and his team are well prepared to handle food allergy menus. We use many local products, and together with you, we will create a delicious menu plan for your stay.

The fresh clear mountain air is waiting for you to come. Spend your holidays by having a great time without allergic complaints. A beautiful view, close nature, local delights, water from our own spring and many sport facilities will guarantee that you can reload your energy. You will be relaxed and recovered when you get home.


Our family-run hotel has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, so feel free to ask any additional questions you might have.