Mountain fire & summit mass

Tradition and summit mass

For 60 years torches have been lit to signal the summit mass the following morning.

Lights in the form of the cross and along the ridges are visible from all through the Ziller valley.

Summit mass at the Gerlossteinwand cross at 11:30 am with Reverand Ignaz Steinwender.

"Nochtal by candlelight"

Gourmet dinner above a sea of lights

The first two Thursdays in the month from July til October.

At 7:15 pm meet at the bottom of the Gerlosstein cable car in Hainzenberg. Relax on your way up with a sparkling aperitif.

Our 5-course gourmet menu leads you through culinary delights from Switzerland into the Ziller valley.

Descent 11:30 pm.

Breakfast with mountain view

Start your day right!

Delicious breakfast - rich buffet with fresh juices, tea from our own garden, fruits, crunchy breads, homemade jams, vegan spreads, egg frying station, muesli corner, regional sausages and cheeses and much more.

Buffet open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Reservation necessary.

New years eve in the mountains

New year in the mountains

Enjoy a delicious buffet at altitude with incomparable panorama.