Family business since 1926 with heart and passion.

Be a great support, show pleasure in your work, personal responsibility, creativity and lots of energy.

There are 4 areas:

Hotel - Restaurant - Events (mainly in summer) - youth groups (mainly in winter)

Located up at 1650m, there are recreational opportunities right at the door.

Discounted skipass, free room & board, and much more.

Cooking above the clouds

with magnificent views

Keep cool - when it gets hot.

We are looking for quick on their feet kitchen staff who value delicious dishes and cleanliness.


Areas of responsibility

EVERYONE is important! Which position suits you?

What are your strengths?

Clearing away, serving, consulting - what can you do best?

Quick feet

& speedy hands

Maintain an overview, enjoy the view.

Friendliness, speed and reliability are required in service.

So pack a good pair of shoes and lets go!


priority number one

The first impression happens only ONCE!

Dust and dirt don't have a chance?

Clean laundry and windows are a must?

Then come quickly to US - we are on the same wavelength!

Let it "sparkle and shine"

What is to do?

Conditions & benefits

Summer season: 30.05.2024 - 20.10.2024

Food & lodging

living in the mountains

For all positions there is a work contract and a 14 day trial period.

Free accommodation at the hotel – YOU save: travel time and cost.

Free meals, also on your day off.

Here you'll find more benefits.